A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 17 August, Sitojaure - Jåkåtjkaskalako, 17 km

We try to find out if it is possible to be picked up with boat along the lake. We plan to walk Jåkåtjkaskalako and get down on the other side of the lake, halfway to Rinim at the northwest end of the lake. The forest along the lake is said to be difficult to get through. The host in the hut think it is possible, but nothing is decided. She will tell the people in Rinim to look for us when they pass during the next few days. We get transportation to the other side, from where we walk Kungsleden towards Aktse..Njunjes is as boring, flat, and windy as last time (1981). This year do we not go down to Aktse, the entrance to Rapavalley. Instead do we abandon Kungsleden after Tåresaive, and continue in the direction of Skierfe.

The height of Skierfe is not impressive, 1179m. But there is a 600 m almost vertical wall down to the delta of the river Rapaätno below it. Coming from Njunjes is the height difference to Skierfe not very large, the effort to walk up is minimal. There are no difficulties on the way up, but it is rather stony at the end. We leave the backpackings halfway, memorising where we put it. The view from Skierfe is as breathtaking as it is said to be. Rapadalen in the west, the wonderful delta beneath us, and a far reaching view towards east. We have lunch while admiring the view. The sun makes a short visit, which improves the view even more. We return to our backpackings, we miss them by 100 meters. Not to bad, but could be done better. Dark clouds appear on the sky, so we start looking for a nice place to stay over night. Near Skierfe is it too stony for us. We walk further towards Abmojåkkå, we finally find an acceptable place at a small rill. It is just in time, the rain start when we have made our home.

View from Skierfe