A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 24 August, Sjnjuftjutis - Ritsem, 7 km

It is a few hours walk to Änonjalme, from where the boat across Akkajaure to Ritsem leaves in the afternoon. The boat is run by the touring club.We follow the track through the birch forest, passing a few small bogs. After an hour do the track connect to Padjelantaleden. One can hear the sound of Vuojatätno long before one see it. We have plenty of time, we have many breaks on the slope of the river. Several hikers have put up their tent here. A few wear hats with mosquito nets. But there are no mosquitos! Safety first? Another break on the bridge. The river travel fast ten meters below the bridge.

The track from the bridge to Änonjalme is partly stony and wet, it has rained during the night. We pass the Akka hut, nobody at home. Arrive at Änonjalme several hours before the boat leave. A dog welcomes us. Änonjalme is during the summer inhabited by the lapps. On the hillside is a small cafe, which is closed today. We spend the time eating our remaining raisins. The stomach gets upset, we rush to the outdoor toilett. Akkajaure is a reservoir for a water power plant. Due to the varying water level do nothing grow on the shore. The rapids of Stora Sjöfallet was one main reason for making the area around the rapids a national parc. The rapids are now gone.