A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 28 July, Ritsem - Vuojatätno, 4 km
It is late afternoon. The bus turn left down to the small harbour in Ritsem. We have after a short discussion decided not to stay at Ritsem over the night, but to take the afternoon boat to Änonjalme. From there walk the four kilometers to Vuojatätno. We started our journey at nine yesterday morning, it is now five in the afternoon. We still feel fresh and the weather is good, the reasons for the decision. The lake Akkajaure is part of a water power plant, i.e. it is regulated. Therefore are the shores dead, visible especially this time of the year. In Änonjalme is the dead part hundred meter long. Ugly, energy is needed. The varying water level require moveable landing stages. We get our equipment and struggle up to the "true" shore. Änonjalme consists of a few houses, used by the lapps during summertime, and spread out in the area. In the distance can we hear a dog bark.

It is also a start/end point of Padjelantaleden, at the other point is Kvikkjokk. One may also continue with the boat the Vaisaluokta, the alternative to Änonjalme if one plan to walk Padjelantaleden. Our goal is Ruotesvagge in Sarek, then Änonjalme is the choise. The part to the Akkahut is rather boring, uphill through the mountain birch forest. We look into the hut, nobody there. Soon there will be, passengers on the boat will walk Padjelantaleden, and stay in the hut during the night. We continue. The track continue through the birch forest, now and then show small open areas up. Such an area is covered with "polarull", the flower with the white beard. It is an easy walk, soon is sound of the river Vuojatätno heard. We stop at the bridge, walk upstream searching for a suitable place to stay at. Find a place where the river is in peace. On the other side of the river is the Akka mountain guarding us. The long journey has finally made as tired, we fall asleep early.