A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 1 August, Ruotesvaratj - Ruotesvaratj, 4 km
It rain the whole night, and all of the morning. We prepare the lunch, blueberry soup and sandwiches. The soup we put in one Thermos, in another one coffee. When the rain change into a drizzle are we prepared to visit Ruotesvaratj. Equipped with lunch, coffee, camera, and rain suits do we start towards the hill one kilometer away. Cross the small rills, enter a grassy area and reach soon the slope up to the top. With no effort are we on the top, there are no steep slopes. Ten minutes later at the south "viewpoint", do we have our lunch. Drizzle and chilly, the soup is warming. In the east is the mountains of Sarektjåkkå (about 2000m), below it the lake Ruotesjauratj. Ruotesvagge disappear in the south, behind Påisatjåkkå (1726). To the right is the glacier Ruotesjekna, with it's many rills that start their way as Smailajåkkå to the south. Many years ago was the mountain Ruotestjåkkå (1664) north of Ruotesjekna surrounded with glaciers, not so today.

Hiking is not only to walk and look at views, one should look down as well. By that do I not mean to look for where to put the foot the next time. Look for flowers, even a non-expert like me can learn the most common flowers. We find (sorry for the swedish names):
 svarthö, Bartsia alpina
 fjällgröna, Diapensia lapponica
 fjällnejlika, Lychnis Alpina
 purpurbräcka, Saxifraga oppositifolia
 a tuft of fjällglim, Silene acaulis
 an area with mossljung, Cassiope hypnoides

We move slowly to the north part of the hill. Niakjåkåtj guide the eye to where we came from yesterday. Somewhere should Akka be, it is partly hidden behind Niak and partly by clouds. From here should we be able to see our small home of today in the universe, a blue point. Time for coffee, and we try to find the blue point. There it is! To the right. The afternoon is leaving, evening coming. Time to return to our blue point. Thinking about blue points, we have not seen any such on the sky during these days. We take a different route back to the tent, follow the west side of Niakjåkåtj, the brook from Ruotesjauratj, to the small ponds where we cross the brook. Approaching the tent from north. We have brought with us a small amount of cognac, we taste it with the coffee.