A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 2 August, Ruotesvaratj - Sierkavagge, 9 km
We follow our footstpes of yesterday, cross the brook at the ponds. Try to keep the direction towards the jetlike extension southward of Kisuris, and not to loose height. The best way to reach the east entrance of the valley Sierkavagge. First one must pass the brooks from Låutak in the west, these are wide and shallow and give no problems. The weather is better today, one can almost see the peak of Kantberget (1857) on the other side of Ruotesvagge. Niak, the north outpost of Ruotesvagge, keep the hat on. From the entrance of Sierkavagge can look into Niakvagge, the small valley just south of Niak. It seems rather easy to walk up on Niak from this valley, further in is the glacier Niakjekna barely seen. Kantberget is also accessible from that valley.

While we stand there and look at the view, the sun breaks though the clouds! Fantastic, we enjoy it! It disappear as sudden as appeared.We bring it with us as a memory, during the rest of the walking-tour. The only time we got a visit of the much longed-for guest. This valley is not the most spectacular one in Sarek, but  nice. It is wide and easy to walk in. In the south is the low mountains of Låutok, in the north the lone mountain Kisuris. Kisuris can be walked up on from many places, but the best seems to be from Sierkavagge. For us an uninteresting observation, the weather is not collaborating. We choose the north side of the valley, we plan to turn north at the west end and continue up to the bridges at the border. We pass the insignificant lake which is the origin of the brook in the valley, Sierkajåkkå. The brook that flow towards west, here a child. Further west does it grow into something that can be a difficult obstacle. We follow it and watch it growing. Halfway through the valley do we find an excellent place at the shore. Here we stay. The fog descend, embracing everything. Creating a magic atmosphere.
Eastern Sierkavgge