A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 5 August, Padjelantaleden - Ritsem, 7 km
Thoroughly rested. The track takes us through the birch forest, interrupted by  a few marshes. Wooden planks are laid out across the marshes. We pass the track that we took to Sjnuftjutis, and arrive at the brook from Akka. The small bridge is still broken, but now have the rain filled the brook. It is rather deep,and we have to ford it. The sound of the river Vuojatätno can be heard, we leave the track and walk to the slope down to the river. The bridge across is barely seen from up here. The weather improves, and when we reach the bridge do the sun show up.

We have not booked any room in Ritsem, but it is no problem to get one today. In the evening do the sun shine on us and we take the opportunity to take some photos in the sunset. Not really a sunset, the light is there all night, though the midnight sun period has passed. Next morning do the sun shine from a clear sky. Hm, why couldn't it do that a few days earlier. We see the mountains of Sarek from the bus to Gällivare.