A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 29 July, Vuojatätno - Sjnuftjutisjåkkå, 9 km
I do not like bridges which vibrate when you walk in them. This is one of those. I get dizzy, the balance is not the best. Prefer to walk alone on it, then the bridge is more peaceful. We walk one by one. The sign on the bridge say that at most two persons should be on the bridge at the same time. On the other side is a thirty meter high steep slope, feels more with 25 kg on the back. The view of Vuojatätno is an excuse to take a break on the top. I have always liked the view and sound of streaming water. Now we have a few kilometers through a birch forest. Not really a forest, the birches are small and sparse. We pass the brook from Akka, the small brideg is broken and looks dangerous to use. The brook is almost empty, we walk through it. Then we must start looking for the small track towards Sjnuftjutisjauratj the small lake between Akka and the hill Sjnuftjutis. The track is not marked on the map, but I roughly remember where it is from last year, when we walked in the other direction. Somebody has laid out stones on the ground, in the shape of an arrow, where the track is. We do not miss it.

This is not a prepared track, but it avoids the marshes and is not wet. After two kilometers are we at the terrace formations that mark the beginning of the valley. A steep slope, then flat for a while. Repeated twice. The forest stay below the terraces. The brook from the lake is in a ravine. The lake itself is in a hollow, down at the lake is it wet and much osier, the track continue further up on the slope. Sjnuftjutisjauratj is a beautiful lake, the view from the north end is worth a break. We have lunch. The small brooks from Akka has made ravines, one has to walk down and up through these. At some places is the track not visible. From the south end of the lake is the track gone. The rain threaten us, we stop at the brook Rakkajåkkå. In the south can we look into our goal, the valley Ruotesvagge. The dark clouds that surround Akka in the north give away a drizzle.