A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 31 July, North Ruotesvagge - Ruotesvaratj, 5 km
We sleep well. The morning is grey, humid, and no wind. For the first time do we have mosquitos as our guests. This will be a short day, our goal is the hill Ruotesvaratj (1004) five kilometers away, in the middle of the valley. We expect a 360 degree view from the top of it. We have no hurry, after lunch do we leave our temporary home together with our guests. The east side of the valley is an unbroken wall of mountain, empasized by the cloud ceiling. The clouds hide the peaks. We pass the brook from Niakvagge, through this valley is it possible to walk up on Niak (1922). Not today, to cloudy. In the west is the landscape more open, with the valley Sierkavagge between Kisuris (1664) in north and the low mountain region of Låutak. South of Låutak are the higher mountains of Ruotes. The few kilometers to Ruotesvaratj pass by quickly and effortless. North of the hill are small rills and ponds.The rills have their origin from the lake Ruotesjauratj, southeast of the hill. We place the tent at a brook that join from the mountains in the east. The rain start to fall, and we give up our evening excursion. Make a short tour in the surroundings, wet. Stay most of the evening in the tent, reading a book.