A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 3 August, Sierkavgge - Kisurisrieppejåkåtj, 8 km
Sierkavagge is one of the least mentioned valleys in Sarek. Probably sine it belongs more to the "flat land" of Padjelanta further west, than the alpine inner parts of Sarek. But I like the valley, though there is nothing special about it. It is peaceful. We sit outside the tent having our breakfast, and then the morning coffee, before we leave. In the west is the hill Luouto(1187), just in front of it is the border to Padjelanta. Here Sierkajåkkå change name to Spietjaujåkkå, and turn north. By then it has grown to be wide and full with water. First we pass the reindeerwardenhut (renvaktarstugan), on our map placed in the middle of the jåkk. In reality is it on the north side. These huts are used by the lapps for the reindeer farming. On the other side of Spietjaujåkkå are the reindeer fences. Where the jåkk turn north do we find a large area with many King Charles sceptre (Kung Karls Spira).

We follow the turn of the jåkk, walking north. The hill Spietjau (1040m), which give the name of the jåkk, show up in the northwest. The brook from Kisuris, Kisurisrieppejåkåtj, meet Soietjaujåkkå in a large delta. Down to it is a ten meter high steep slope. We postpone the crossing of it for tomorrow, and start to look for place a to put the tent. That is not so easy. The ground is grassy, soft, and dry. But there is no flat place where we are. We retreat a few hundred meters to an almost flat place at the jåkk. The inclination is anyway disturbing. A strong wind tries to teach the tent how to fly while we try to erect our inclined tent. We have a cold bath in the jåkk, we have not had the possibility to clean ourelves properly until now. The strong wind force us to prepare our dinner inside the tent. Wake up several times during the night, finding ourselves in the low end of the tent. Very uncomfortable. The strong wind give up during the night.
Western Sierkavagge