A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 28 August, Ruopsokjåkkå - Pårek, 19 km

The height difference up to Säkok is 500 meters, now we are well trained and the weight on the back is reduced. The legs protest anyway, we walk slowly. Except for the slope are there no problems. Njåtjosvagge beneath us, is getting filled up with clouds. Tjuolta on the other side is disappearing. The clouds rapidly climb up the hill and catch us. No chance to escape. The fog surround us completely, almost no visibility. By the aid of the compass do we continue towards Säkok. The ground and stones appear and disappear quietly, no sound. After an hour do a cairn show up, here we take a break. Waiting and hoping for an improvement. It is cold. We give up, and continue guided by our friend Compass. One more hour pass, when suddenly the fog open up for a moment and show us a steep slope down to the right. The opening is closed. We assume we have Tjeurajaure in the north, and that the slope is south part of Säkok. If we continue northeast, then we should soon be walking downhill towards Säkokjåkkå. Very good, exactly what happens. To our relief are the clouds giving up the embrace. We leave them alone up there. In the north can we now see the lake Tjeurajaure. We reach Säkokjåkkå east of Tjeurajaure. A large snowfield cover the brook, a very comfortable bridge. After the "bridge" do nature offer us a relaxing time. The view of the lakes at Pårek and a gentle slope. The clouds gradually disappear, and we get a nice stroll through birch forests, lakes, and marshes. Nowadays is there a prepared track through the marshes, one can pass dry-shod. As usual can one jump between the stones when "fording" at Pårekjaure, though the stone are below the water surface. The shore of a small lake without a name, will be our home for tonight. We get a fantastic sunset, and visitors. Some reindeers tell us that we have put our tent in their dinner. After a short discussion do we become friends, and we are allowed to stay over night.