A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 17-19 August, Hemmet - Kvikkjokk, - km
Day 1: 17-19 August, Home - Kvikkjokk

After have slept bad on the nighttrain, do I get off the train in Västerås. The time is 6.35 in the morning. My friend meets me. We spend the day with sightseeing. Walking along the river Svartån, attending an organ consert in the cathedral. We buy the food we need for our tour in Sarek. In the evening do we pack everything for the hike.

We take the afternoon train to Stockholm. While waiting for the night train to the north, do we sit at "Hyllan" with coffee and study the people that hurry to and from the trains. Our train is invaded by soldiers in the swedish army. They are on their way to their duty at K4 in Arvidsjaur. They are hungry and fill up the restaurant wagon. We buy food in the restaurant but eat it at our places in the sleeping wagon.

At six is it reveille, the army leave the train in Boden. Our sleeping wagon is removed, and we have to move to another wagon. Without the soldiers is train almost empty. There is plenty of space in the restaurant at breakfast. At ten do we leave the train in Murjek, where the bus to Jokkmokk leave in connection with the train. It takes one hour to Jokkmokk. The bus to Kvikkjokk leave at five. We have time to visit Ajtte mountain museum, where we also eat lunch. We walk to the home of the photographer Edvin Nilsson, and enjoy his exhibtion with fantastic photos from Sarek. We have coffee at the café Citykonditoriet. On the bus are a few old "muddle-headed" ladies. Fjällen can be enjoyed by everybody. At eight are we at the mountain station in Kvikkjokk. Before going to bed do we walk to the place where the boat to Padjelantaleden leave. It will leave 9.30 in the morning. We have a nice chat with the driver, an old man who seems to have lived here forever.

Mountain station