A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 23 August, Tarraluoppal - Låptåvakkjaure, 6 km

Ready to leave at nine thirty. We abandon Tarravalley and the Padjelantatrack. Walking outside a track is the liberty. The track continue to the north west towards Staloluokta. We take east, up the grass dressed slope towards Låptåvakkjaure. To start with along Karranisjåkåtj. Behind us is a far reaching view. Cloudy, a comfortable wind keep the mosquitos away. Areas with stones takes over the ground when reaching higher altitudes. The stones have been prepared and laid out to make a flat road. When we start the descend to the lake, is the sun shining on us. On a grassy plateau, with the view of the lake in front of us, do we have a nap. The tent is placed at the north end of the lake, in a grassy space. The shore is a sandy beach. The weather, beach and lake, invites to have a swim. Twelve degrees in the water. Refreshing. The wind disappear, no ripples in the water. The mounatins are mirrored. A beautiful sunset. Tomorrow will we walk up on Tsatsa (1852) in the north. We count the number of remaining visible mosquito bites. About fifty each. Perhaps all the well dressed we have met preferred the heat instaed of the mosquitos.

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