A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 27 August, Ruonasvagge - Vallevare, 13 km

The entrance of Vallevagge is still covered with clouds. Today is it a thin layer, above is the mountains peaks seen. We take direction with the compass, and enter the cloud. It is 300 meter up to the entrance at 1100 meters. The clouds surround us for 200 meters. Below are the clouds slowly dissolving, the remnants sail away in Tjuoltavagge. The slope is stony, more the higher up we get. We pass a small waterfall, above is a hint of the mountain Tjilaktjåkkå (1824m), the second highest peak in Tarrekaise. The mountains around Vallevagge is otherwise 1300-1500 meters high. If it had been good weather should we walk on Vallespiken, the hills on the east side of the valley. In the valley is there still snow, old and with a hard surface. It is easier to walk on the snow, than on all the stones. Finally we have to switch to the stones. The brook, Vallebäcken, from the valley disappear down in a canyon. One must choose the east side to reach Vallevare, the plateau at the exit of the valley. The west side lead down to Tarravalley. It is tiring to walk horisontally on a slope. It is down and up at the feeder streams of Vallebäcken. We fill our waterreservoir in one of them, because on the map do Vallevare look dry. We surprise some reindeers, they run away. One of them is white. The tent is placed at a small pond, without outlet. We do not dare to drink the water. There are cloudberries in our garden. We eat them as dessert.

Eastern Vallevagge

Towards Vallevare