A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 24 August, Låptåvakkjaure - Kåbrekjauratj, 6 km

Seven o'clock. It is dusk in the tent. The first thing that one want to konw every morning, how is the weather? It has changed dramatically during the night, dark clouds cover the sky. That explains the darkness in the tent. The route up to Tsatsa is hidden in clouds. We take breakfast, gruel and dark bred. Same weather. We want to see Njåtjosvagge from above. A short study of the map shows that there is small hill, Kåbrek, which might be below the clouds. Decide to visit it. The north side of the lake Låptåvakkjaure is then the natural choise. Stony, but not that much that it is uncomfortable. Halfway of the lake do we meet our first reindeer. A vaja (the female) and her calf. They are mirrored in a small puddle. At the end of the lake do we take east, towards the lake Kåbrekjauratj. This part have large stony areas. One must be careful, the humid air make the stones wet and slippery. We reach the lake Kåbrekjauratj at half past one without mishappenings. Only the lower part of the hill Kåbrek is visible. A windy place. The tent is in place just in time before the rain starts to fall. Warm blueberry soup warm our frozen bodies. Nothing to do, but to wait. Time pass by. The dinner is fried tuna fish with garlic and onion. Served with pasta. Delicious. The clouds finally give up, the full moon appaer above Kåbrek.


At Kåbrekjauratj