A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 26 August, Puoites - Ruonasvagge, 5 km

We sleep well,and wake up late. It is already eleven when we leave the lake Puoites. Clouds cover the sky, the temperature has dropped since yesterday. It is chilly and windy. We walk south, up the slope east of the hill Slittavare. We pass west of the small lake without a name. Not really a lake, more like a pond. We take our first break at the shore, where green moss grow. Yellow and white flowers decorate the moss. After the lake is it rather flat, the ground is covered with grass. The valley Slittavagge appears in the west. About twenty reindeers graze not far away. They study us, then they continue to eat. We are not considered to be unfriendly. Then it is uphill again, about one hundred meters to a height of slightly below thousand meters. We pass west of Ruonas, it is stony. The valley Ruonasvagge show up in front of us. We follow the small brook that leads down to the brook that makes its way down to Tjuoltajåkkå. A few stones make a road across it. We jump between the stones to the other side. Clouds start to block the entrance of Vallevagge. Our next step. The entrance is at 1100 meters, and the clouds quickly descend, obscuring the sight. Time to have lunch, perhaps the valley will reappear. We are not keen on walking in the clouds. Blueberry soup, biscuits, and a few sandwiches. The water in the brook is ice-cold and tastes good. It comes from the melting snow of Ruonaskåppå. The slope up to Vallevagge look stony, and it is probably not better in the valley. Might be difficult to find a comfortable place for the night up there. We know what we have, we stay. The afternoon is used to follow our brook further down, where it has cut itself into the rock. In the evening are the clouds so close, that one almost can catch them with our bare hands. There is a drizzle.