A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 25 August, Kåbrekjauratj - Puoites, 8 km

Wake up several times during the night. The bed is not comfortable. We start the day at seven thirty. The sun shine, an almost clear and blue sky. Kåbrek, the small hill with the peak at 1167m, is waiting on us.It is an easy walk up, the height difference is only 150m. From the top is the view as good as expected. Njåtjosvagge with its lakes is clearly visible, small clouds around the mountain peaks make the view even better. In front of us is the plateau Luottolako, which we visited 1985. Today is the weather much better, than at that time. Further east is the mountains of Pårte clearly visible. Below is the river in Njåtjosvagge, it looks like a snake on its way towards east. We descend from hill, we choose walk on the north side of the lake. If we had we time, then it we could walk up on Tsatsa from here. Time is running. After lunch do we start our walk to the lake Puoites in the north end of Tarrekaise. First we change to shorts, the weather is beautiful. The part to Låptåvagge is rather stony. Tjuoltajåkkå, the outlet from Låptåvakkjaure and Kåbrekjauratj, seems easy to cross. But it is deep between the stones close to the opposite shore. My friend slip, and get the boots full of water. We take a break, he change socks, and let the boots to dry in the sun for a while. The sun and wind will dry the wet socks, hanging on the backpacking. The slope Tjuoltakårså is fantastic, completely flat to walk on. The brook is now already far below us. In the distance is Tarrekaise seen. Soon do also the sight of Tjuoltavagge appear. From Tjuoltakårså is it downhill, partly through low osier. We pass an area with nice ferns. We can now see Puoites. We follow the small brook from the lake, and reach it after another hour. The evening is cold, the sun creates long shadows. Disaster, my friend has no more sweets.


Towards Puoites