A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 14 August, Home - Gällivare, - km

I say goodbye to the cat. She looks worried, "hiking with your injury" she seems to say. My friend fetches me at eleven, and we drive to the airport. At the airport do one have to do everything oneself. One must check in with a machine, a luggage tag is thrown out which one has to fasten on the luggage and finally put the luggage on the band. I almost manage to destroy the luggage tag, once finally on the rucksack is it almost unreadable. When it disappear on the luggage trail do I pray that I will see it again. Shit! I forgot that I have to have a tag for my hiking stick as well. I have to ask a human for help. No boarding card, the finger print is scanned and stored and to be used as boarding card at the gate. My friend's finger print do not work, he has to show his ID-card instead.

SAS and Nordic Regional has no agreement about luggage transfer. We have to fetch the luggage at Arlanda and check it in again. New machine. I remember to ask for two tags. These I almost manage to destroy. I have to pray again. More security controls, soon is it impossible to fly. It is anyway not good for the environment. More and more people are anyway flying, the airplane to Arlanda was full, the airplane to Gällivare is full.

My prayer has been answered. The luggage arrived to the same place as me. In the morning did I call and ordered a taxi, when everybody else has left are we standing alone with no taxi. We have to order a new one. It costs 160 SEK for the transport to hotel Dundret near the railway station in Gällivare. The youth hostel, on "The other side", where we normally stay was fully booked. Instead did we book a room on Dundret. It is a small nice hotel, 600 SEK for two persons and breakfast. Not much more than the youth hostel. It is late (21.30) and we try to get something to eat. Everything is closed or closing. We end up at the fast food place near the railway station. The mosquitos have already found us. Seems promising.

Hotel Dundret