A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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In the morning the day after do I cycle downtown with my destroyed film to develop it, I will get it back in an hour. While I wait do have a cappuccino at my favourite café, and I finish my hiking diary. I can not avoid to eavesdrop a couple, they talk very loudly such that everybody can listen. They discuss a friend who was a sales manager in southeast Asia, and earned lot's of money. Recently did he change to a similar job in Europe, and earned even more money. After six months he got another job, where he earned an enormous amount of money. For a moment do I consider to become a communist.

I finish my cappuccino and diary, and fetch my film. Only six pictures are lost. The emulsion is so thick that light did not penetrate deep into the rolled film.

A few days later do I pass one of the photo shops in town. They advertise a digital system camera, one get 800 SEK in cash back, the price is within my budget, the camera has good reviews, and it is my birthday. Spontaneously do I enter the shop and buy it. Now am I as well a digital photographer. I inaugurate the camera with excursions in Skåne, I have a website about Skåne >>>

Digital photographer