A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 15 August, Gällivare - Bållávrjåhkå, 7 km

The breakfast consist of egg, herring, salmon, soured milk, ham, and so on. After have been eating too much do we go to "Öströms färg", now called Conforama, and fetch the methylated spirits to our kitchen that I yesterday asked them to put away for us. One may not bring the fuel on the airplane. Next to Öströms färg is a café, the last time had it the name Åhults café, now it is called "Nyfiket", i.e. eithe curious or the new café. It could mean any of it. I buy a baguette to have as lunch on the bus. We pack, checkout, have a nice chat with the host, and walk to the bus. Many has done the same, everybody do not get a place in the bus. Some of those that go to Kebnats have to take a taxi instead, to the same price as for the bus.

There are roadworks on the road to Ritsem. The road has been bad for many years. The road is bumpy, but not as bumpy it was before. We leave people in Kebnats, they wonder where the taxi is with the rest? At Suorva have one put up fences and gates. Have one prevented entrance to Sarek? This is an often used entry. (Comment: one gate is open for hikers.) It is probably security reasons. Everything must be locked nowadays. When I was a kid did one not lock in the country, and if one did then one put the key under the carpet outside the door: "Somebody may need to get in". We get off at the helicopter place at Ritsem.

The helicopter has first to fetch somebody, we have to wait for it. It takes some time since the pilot has to search for the person, since he is not at the agreed place. We get a nice flight to Staloluokta, from my place at the pilot do one have a good view: Låddejåhkå, Miellädno, Virihaure, Arasloukta, the know places pass by beneath us. After being on the ground again at Staloluokta do we head for Padjelantaleden towards Tuottar.

We have been here several times before, it is today mainly a transportation. We leave the beautiful view of Virihaure behind us, in front of us are smooth hills with the mountains of Sarek at the horizon. The weather is rather good, the path is easy to walk. We meet several hikers, some are tired and wonder how far away Staloluokta is, others run away without saying hello. Efter the lake Gieddávrre is the path through osier and along a stream. Once we camped here in an open place in the osier, this time we can not find any opening. We pass the bridge over Bållávrjåhkå, and walk back along the other side of the stream. Here we find a good place. Others have found it as well, we find sanitary towels and underpants. The wind increase in strength and it gets cloudy.



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