A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 19 August, Låddejåhkå - Vuojatädno, 14 km

We had been looking forward to a comfortable day along Låddejåhkå. It turns out to be a rather tough morning with dwarf birch, lofty osier, marshes, and brooks hidden by the osier. Where it is possbile do we walk in the jåhk, it is easier. The worst is the lack of wind, millions of small black flies surround us. They do not bite, but they are very irritating. We pass a nice rapid, but it forces us into the bush. Here we give up the water and walk uphill with the aim of getting enough high up to avoid the worst. It is better but still rather tough, the flies follow us step by step. All of this is an interesting experience, and the vegetation and landscape makes up a beautiful scenery , but it is tiring to walk in. OUCH!, it feels as if a knife cut my left thigh. I shake the leg. After a few minutes do the pain disappear and I can walk again, but the worry is that my injury is back again.

As we approach Padjelantaleden do the osier give up and it is easier to walk. At the bridge over Låddejåhkå is a mighty rapid. Small stones that the water has made to rotate has carved holes into the rock, a fascinating piece of art. A brook is used as fridge for beer. At the cabin do we have lunch. A weak wind keep the black flies away. A quite little girl pass together with a nice dog. The cabin host come as well, he his painting the cabin. He say that the season has not been so good. Maybe hiking is not that popular any longer.

We continue on Padjelanteden towards Kisuris. At the beginning is it a steep uphill slope. The rain follow us, and the view of the lakes is hidden in the haze. The brook Vierttjajågåsj is broad but easy to walk over, but it looks as if it can be difficult when there is much more water than today. Lemmings escape in between the planks on the path when we pass. A woman walk slowly, carefully avoiding to step on and hurt the animals. A grasshopper painted as a bee jump away.

It flattens, the rain cease and the haze disappear. The ravishing view of Vastenjávrre appear. The path is easy to follow and walk, we can soon se Vuojatädno. The osier earlier today, my bad leg, and the infection makes me feel tired. We put our tent at a brook, with a quiescent view of the lakes. I wash myself, including the hair (what is left of it), and use the sleeping bag as a hair-drier. Half past eight do the rain return. Today we have passed a fox burrow, it looked as if it has been recently used. We hope that there are many new arctic foxes.