A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 21 August, Vuojatädno - Sjpietjavjåhkå, 17 km

The night is cold. When I have to leave the tent at two is there ice on the tent. When I wake up again in the morning is it warm and sunshine. We hurry away and walk up on Gisuris. On the summit is a large military camp, where soldiers are marching between the buildings. My friend exclaim: "Who has built this here??", and run bouncing between houses and soldiers. I limp behind. We find a way out, and enter a luxuriant park. At the exit is the railway station in Åstorp, and we take the train back home. I wake up, rub the dream from my brain, and look outside the tent. It is cloudy but warm.

We walk up the slope of Loadásj. We meet osier, marshes, and lot's of black flies. There is no wind that keeps these irritating creatures on the ground. At a few exposed places is a weak wind, here we take our breaks. On the plateau between Loadásj and Njierek are some marshes, but in general is it easy to walk. An herd of reindeers pass us. We have now got sunshine, but we have still no wind. We walk towards the hill Njierek where we try to get some wind by walking high up on the slope. We are partly successful. On the slope are nice grassy meadows, and an exceptional view, below us is the lake Njierekjávrre, at the horizon the fjäll in Guohpeprvágge. Towards east is Gisuris, without any visible military camp. It looks easy to walk up on it, but we do not have time for that now.

We turn north and follow the east slope av Njierik. In the shallow valley between Njierik and Sjpietjav is a small lake, Elliboarkajávrásj. Behind Sjpietjav is Áhkká with cloudless peaks. On the ground flower the beuatiful Rock Speedwel. We leave our rucksacks and walk up on a hill to get the view west towards the lake Sállohávrre and behind it Norway. I sit down to change film in my camera. SHIT! I open the camera without rolling back the film. Yes, I'm old fashioned with a twenty your old analogue camera (OM40). "Buy a digital camera, it never happens with it" my friend say, who has bought such a modern invention. I quickly close the camera, hoping that some pictures has survived. The view is admirable.

We find the path that lead to the Kisuris cabin. The path offer a magnificient view towards Guvtjávrre och Áhkká. The path pass osier, marshes, heaths, and as we approach the cabin sparse mountain birch forest. Before the cabin do the path split, we happens to take one that goes to the cabin, but the is perhaps all of them doing. At the cabin is a group of people, and a much bigger group of black flies. Some of them make us company on the Padjelantatrail through the birch forest on small ridges to the bridge over Sjpietjavjåhkå. In a glade on the other side of the jåhk do we settle for the night. A man wash himself in the jåhk, he seems unaware of all the flies. Together with millions of these animals do I take a bath. Mass murder! Many of them that had found a place on my body drown. It is a refreshing dip. It is the first time, I made my first mountain walking tour in 1981, I have met these creatures. In the evening is it colder, they get lazy and we can be outside together with a beautiful sunset.