Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day1: 18 August, Gjendesheim - Gjendesjön, 2 km

In the evening did I ask for an alarm call, but I wake up by myself before they call. I have spent the night at the  hotel Dronningen in Trondheim. Yesterday I said goodbye to my girlfriend after having done a nice hike in Abisko, and travelled together to Trondheim. Today I will continue to Jotunheimen and hike there together with a friend. I eat a simple breakfast at the hotel, before I leave for the train to Otta. The train is almost fully occupied, with force do I manage to store my rucksack in the place reserved for luggage. The train leave at 8.40, after three hours am I in Otta. On the way have I seen a beautiful landscape. In Otta do I meet my friend. Since I'm hungry do I eat what is remaining of his lunch.  At one do the bus to Gjendesheim leave, and after two hours do we arrive to Gjendesheim at the lake Gjende. Gjende is a beautiful bluegreen lake, surrounded with steep mountainslopes. High up is Besseggi, a narrow passage with a far reaching view, which we plan to walk on our way back. Today we walk a few kilometers an a track along the lake, we find a good campsite where we stay for the night. It is cloudy, 15 degrees, but with a cold wind.