Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day6: 23 August, Urdadalen - Visdalen, 9 km

It has NOT rained during the night. Instead is it cold, around zero. Our tent is placed on a washboard, so I wake up once an hour to change position. This will be an easy day, starting with a gentle downhill slope to Visdalen. The vegetation get more normal as we approch Visdalen, the brook in Urdadalen broaden. Visdalen is a broad valley surrounded with high mountains, inbetween the peaks are small glaciers. The track is up on the slope, away from the river in the valley. We pass one major brook, from the glacier Hellstugubreen, but today is there not much water in the brook. Now and then do we have sunshine.

We walk easily on the track to the mountain station Spiterstulen, which is at the end of a road. The place seems luxurious. We follow the road for a kilometer, then there is track to Glitterheim. A short shower pass quickly by. After having followed the track uphill for a kilometer do we decide to camp, though it is not later than three o'clock. We suspect that there are not may campsites on Skautflyi, since it is at a rather high altitude and therefore stony. We think we have seen the summit of Galdhöpiggen on the other side of the valley, though clouds most of the time hide the peaks. We enjoy the sunset and the views.

Towards Visdalen