Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day3: 20 August, Memurubu - Storådalen, 11 km

It rains all night. When we start the day is it dry, but heavy clouds cover the sky. During the morning do we follow the river in the valley Memurudalen, a gentle slope from 1000 m to about 1200 m. At the end of the valley do the track continue on a steeper slope to Memurutunga, a difference of 300 m. It starts to rain again, and the rain follow us all the way up on Memurutunga. At four does it temporarily clear up and we get an hour of almost sunshine. We make a break and enjoy both the sunshine and the fantastic view. Far below us is the bluegreen lake Gjende, steep mountain sides surround it, but in the west is the valley Vesleådalen. On Memurutunga where we are is it barren, with some small lakes. It is easy to walk. We follow the track towards Storådalen, in front of us is 500 m down to the bottom of the valley. The rain has made track into a brook. At seven are we at the bottom of the valley, and we search for a place for the tent. It is nasty.  A quick bath, and food make us feel better. At nine does it start to rain. My friend point out that he has not been smoking today.

West lake Gjende