Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day8: 25 August, Glitterheim - Russvatnet, 12 km

For once do we have good weather, there are no clouds on the sky where we are. We can see the peak of the snowy Glittertinden (2472). Clouds can be seen at the horizan, and they approach us rapidly. We enjoy the sun and the nice valley for the time being. Soon do we reach the tourist station Glitterheim. There is a road to the station, so this is probably a starting/end point for many that visit Jotunheimen. We look in through a window, and see a dining-hall. Many prepare themselves for the day with a good breakfast. We continue to the bridge over the river Veo, and after the bridge do track go up to the mountain pass between austre and vestre Hestlægerhöi (1685m). It is an easy walk, at the beginning with a nice view of the valley we just left. The clouds have now arrived and they hide the views. When we reach the highest part is there almost no visibility, we follow the cairns to find our way.

The temperature is now six degrees and we meet a cold wind. We meet two frozen persons, the complain wildly about the weather. It is now downhill, and after a while are we under the clouds again. When we approach the bridge over the brook Blåtjörnåi can we see the lake Russvatnet. The track continue to the lake. Nearby Blackwellbui is a beach where we decide to stay. Both the air and water are cold, a bath is not to think of. The clouds hang down on the mountain side, with steep slopes on the opposite side of the lake.

Bridge at Glitterheim