Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day9: 26 August, Russvatnet - Memurubu, 6 km

There has been many showers during the night, in the morning is it dry but cloudy. Just after we have left is there a drizzle. The track follow the lake beneath Gloptind. We leave the lake behind us and walk up in nedre Russglopet,  it is slightly uphill on a nice track. The mountains are barely visible in the drizzle. In the middle of the valley is lonely hill, after it do we pass a minor wetland which the track avoid by passing east of it. At the end of the valley is it steeply uphill. Our aim is to walk Besseggi, a narrow passage to Gjendesheim and with a magnificient view. As we get higher up do we enter into fog, i.e. the clouds, and we do not see much. The track is wet and slippery. It is not tempting to walk on Besseggi in this weather, so we decide to continue to Memurubu. When we get below the clouds again do we get a nice of the lake Gjende and the valley Memurudalen, with the mountain Sjugurdtinden. The track down to Memurubu is easy and soon are we there. We have a shower, eat, and wait for the boat to Gjendesheim 14.40. In the meantime do we study a small small male dog, trying to cover a large large female dog. Poor dogs, he do not reach. We consider to help them, but then owners realise what is happening and separate the two lovers.

The boat take us to Gjendesheim, where a bus leave to Otta at 15.30. In Otta do we change to the train to Oslo at 18.45. On the train do my rucksack fall down from the luggage rack and do almost kill me and an old man in front of me. Embarrasing. We arrive 22.25 at Oslo, and manage to get tickets on the train to Sweden 22.55. We have to sit, there is no sleeping place. At five in the morning do we change train in Halmstad. A few hours later am I at home.

Looking back

Lake Gjende