Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day4: 21 August, Storådalen - Storådalen, 0 km

It rains all night, and all morning. After lunch does it get dry. We decide to stay here. In the afternoon do we make a short excursion. Where we are is the valley green, e.g. I find a beautiful Field gentian. Further up in the valley is it more barren, there is an impressive rapid in the end. We have our tent close to the track, which is well used. Today do nobody use it, the only visitors we have are eight young bulls that give us a visit in the evening. They are very obtrusive, and we take our refuge on a large stone. The bulls do instead investigate our tent. As we are afraid that they will damage it, do we get courage and leave our stone and unhesitatingly do we convince them to leave. The freeze-dried hotpot is uninteresting, perhaps we should have slaughtered one of the bulls.

Visitors Storådalen