Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day7: 24 August, Visdalen - Glitterheim, 13 km

The clouds hang on the mountains when we leave at half past nine, and walk the slope up to Skautflyi. As we get higher up can we look over to the other side of Visdalen, with the glacier Styggebreen and the peak of Galdhöpiggen. The clouds are now rather high up, so the peaks are visible. There some clouds inbetween us and the bottom of the valley. There are no problems on the way up to Skautflyi, which is a plateau on 1500 meters. As usual at these altitudes is the ground covered with stones, and not much grow here. We pass a lake, in the south are there small glaciers on the mountain slopes. Veobreen is the largest one, in southeast does it disappear down into Veodalen. It is easy to walk here, if one have good shoes. We meet a company where a woman walk in gym shoes, her feets suffer badly. The slope up to the lakes between Ryggehöi and Veopallan consists of larger stones. At the lake is it again easier to walk.

After the lakes do Veodalen show up. Here we take a break to admire the view. The break is hort, though it is eight degrees is it rather cold. It is somewhat steep and stony down to the valley, but nothing difficult. Veobreen is seen in the west, the water from it spread out in many streams. We walk down to the river, where we can walk on meadows. Really nice. Half past six do we find a place for the night, at the riverside a few kilometers away from the tourist station Glitterheim. We have got good weather, and get a nice evening.