Hiking in Jotunheimen and surroundings
| 1988 |
Day5: 22 August, Storådalen - Urdadalen, 11 km

It rains all night. The rain give up during the morning and we leave. On the mountains is newly fallen snow. We walk on the track to the rapids at the end of the valley. We stay for a while and admire the water and the view of Storådalen. The water in the brook come from a lake, it well from the lake. On the other side of the lake is the mountain Skorddalseggi (2159) visible. We walk on meadows along the lake, until we reach the brook from the lake Langvatnet. Our track turn towards Urdadalen. From the slope to the mountain pass can we see back towards Langvatnet, with Skorddalseggi behind it.

There is a short but intense snowfall. As we get further up is the ground stony, at the end all stones. We pass two small lakes. Small cairns show the way. Two norwegians pass us, they smile pitying at our heavy rucksacks. They carry a minimal of weight since they walk from hut to hut. From the highest point do we get a nice view of northern Urdadalen with the two lakes in the centre. Far away is the western part of Visdalen. As we proceed is there more and more vegetation. We pass the lakes, after a few kilometers do we at the brook from the lake find a decent place for the night. It is six o'clock, six degrees and cloudy.

Central Urdadalen

North Urdadalen