A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 24 August, Saltoluokta - Sitojaure, 19 km

Three young men in boat. The boat from Kebnats is approachnig Saltoloukta. The three men comes from the flat land in the south of Sweden. Mountains is something exotic. It is the first time this far north. They have spent their lifes with wine, song, and women. In the spare time do they study physics. The equipment has been carfully choosen, only one thing is missing. Everybody at the mountain station have a walking stick. The saw in the suisse army knife is a useful tool. Three small trees, somewhere in the birch forest that surround the mountain station, are converted into three walking sticks. I'm still using the evidence (2008) for this terrible crime. Crime, nobody should follow this bad example. There are walking sticks to use at the mountain station, one can leave at ones destination. To be used by somebody else. I keep mine.The usage and weather has sculptured it into a master piece of art.

The first step, Kungsleden south towards Sitojaure. Uphill through the birch forest to the open and flat Autsutjvagge. The hills around the valley are around 1100-1300m, while the valley itself is at 700. The mountains look distant. Autsutj-jåkkå, the brook in the valley, is down in a shallow ravine surrounded with osier.  The weather is good to us, sunshine and a comfortable temperature. Kungsleden is a well marked track from Abisko further  north, which here pass the outer parts of Sarek. It is well used, at this part is it a wide track. Suddenly is the view of the lake Sitojaure in front of us. The height difference down to the lake is only 100 meters, the slope is gentle. We are now back in the birch forest. At the lake is  a simple hut for hikers, equipped with gas stove and a large room with several beds. We stay overnight in the hut, to lazy to put up the tent. In the evening do we have an interesting discussion about the mountains with the lapps that have their summer camp nearby. The first day is a success, feel confident that the rest will be no problem.

At Kebnats

Autsutjvagge and Sjäksjo