A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 28 August, Snavvavagge - Skarja, 17 km

Abracadabra. Feel well! There are two possibilities to continue. One difficult and one simple. The more difficult one is along the river Rapaätno below Låddepakte, the simple is the valley Snavvavagge. We choose the simple, Snavvavagge. We struggle on  the slope up to the valley, the last part is rather steep. In total is it 300 meters. A well used track show the way. Snavvavagge is a stony valley with a small lake. The best is to walk northeast of the lake, unless one want to walk up on Låddepakte (1537). This mountain  is not very high, but the view must be excellent. Placed in the corner of the Rapavalley as it is. We expect a good view of the upper part of Rapadalen from the west end of Snavvagge. True!  From here is all of the upper valley seen.

From Snavvavgge to Piela is a steep slope to cross, but this is not a problem, though many warned us how problematic it can be. Perhaps in rain. We feel disappointed. At a few places do one have to support oneself with the hands. Loose gravel  on the distinct track requires a rather good balance. At the other side are a few terraces, where we take a break. From here on is it simpler, there are no major obstacles. We have now the plain of Piela in front of us. Friendly to the hiker, with many good camping grounds.  The brooks Tjågnårisjåkåtj and Matujåkåtj can give some problems, but this time of the year do they not contain much water. Today they are rills. Earlier in the summer are there normally snowbridges across the former. The latter has to be forded, not a difficult task. At the bridge across Smailajåkkå at Skarja, are many good camping grounds. The place  is called the "hikers meeting place", since this is a central place that one must pass  as soon as one wants to visit the central parts of Sarek. Today is the name not true, we are alone. Northwest of the bridge is a locked hut, in case of emergancy is there a phone. But then one must be in a real bad shape.

Upper Rapadalen