A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 25 August, Sitojaure - Aktse, 11 km

The lapps maintain the boat traffic on the lake, to Kungsleden on the other side, or to Rinim in the northwest, for those that aim for Pastavagge. From Rinim to the hut do one need to make an agreement in advance, or hope that there is somebody in Rinim.We cross the lake to the other side in the early morning. At the beginning is it flat and in a birch forest, after a few kilometers do the slope of Njunjes begin. The slope feels steep. Muscles and mind have not yet adopted to nature. Njunjes is a flat, and today a windy  plateau, with nothing for the eye until the descent to Aktse. Here is a view that brings you far away. A track leads up to Skierfe(1179), from which there is one of the most famous views in Sweden. Skierfe is not high in meters, but the difference down to the lake below is 650m. Half of it is a vertical wall. During the day has it become cloudy, and now the rain start to fall. Our plan to visit Skierfe is postponed into the unknown future (=1986). The rain converts the track down to Aktse into a small brook.

The track lead down through  a birch and spruce forest. Aktse is a place that is inhabited all year by a few families.They maintain among other things the tourist traffic on the lake Laitaure. Aktse means nine, nine bears were killed here. That is what the story tell. This is the entrance to Rapadalen. Skierfe rise north of the valley, with its vertical precipice. In the middle is the 'bump' Nammatj. In the south is Tjakkeli almost as steep as Skierfe, but more difficult to walk up on. Here are also a few huts for the tourists. There are several beautiful meadows, nowadays specially preserved. We are here to late in the summer to see all the flowers. The rain makes us to use the hut for the night, though it temporarily makes a pause during the evening. The hut is warm and welcomes us. Three middle aged men have already made up the fire. With a 'boyish' look in there eyes do the point out for us how funny the name Kukkesvagge (a valley in the north) is. The first three characters form a dirty swedish word for the male 'thing'. The rain keeps falling, the night takes over. Night but not dark, twilight.

Looking back at Sitojaure

Laitaure and Rapadalen