A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 30 August, Ruotesvagge - Padjelantaleden, 18 km

A cold night. In the morning is it several degrees below zero. Our water supply is frozen. We wait until the temperature is above zero before starting the day. There is one advantage of being three in a small tent, it is slightly warmer. Otherwise is it cramped. We all have some pain today. One is flat-footed, which hurts, one is getting a cold, and I have chaps on my feets. The feets get wet in the boots during the day. The lesson is that  each evening carefully clean the feets,and put skin cream on. This I have done since then, and the problem has not appeared again. It was really painful, had problems in walking for several weeks afterwards. We take a short cut on the slope of Kisuris towards the bridge across the river with the name that makes a knot of the tongue, Sjnuftjutisjåkkå. The last part to the bridge is there a track along the river.

It is an easy walk. In the northeast is the Akka mountain watching us. Just before the bridge do one enter the birch forest. Within short do we reach the bridge and the track of  Padjelantaleden. Padjelantaleden continue southwards and end in Kvikkjokk. It pass through the area called Padjelanta, which can be translated with "the high land". Not high in the sense of high mountains, they are not that high and the area is flat compared with Sarek, the name must refer to the average height. The track is well supplied with huts. It goes along some very beautiful lakes, especially Virihaure. We continue north a few kilometers before setting up the tent in a small open place in the birch forest.

Northeast Kisuris

North Kisuris