A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 26 August, Aktse - Snavvavagge, 29 km

Cloudy, but no rain. From Aktse are there three possibilities to get into Rapadalen. One simple, one difficult,  and one with a view. The difficult one is to walk through the forest below Skierfe, but the forest  is said to be difficult to get through. The simple one is to take the boat through the delta. The third one is to walk up to Skierfe and continue west as far as possible before descending into the valley. We choose the simple possibility, we have beforehand decided to take the boat . With the characteristic "alone" hill Nammatj in front of us, the boat head for the border of the national parc. The delta offer a fascinating landscape, changing from year to year. Constantly being built up with the material that the river bring with it. Some years is there not enough water in the channels, and one is let off before the border. This year is a normal year and the boat can get to the border. From there one has to walk. We follow the clear track trough the luxuriant vegetation. Hidden in the forest stands an elk and her calf.

The brooks that one encounter, are in general no problem  to cross. Except when it is extreme large amount of  water.  We have no problems to pass. The valley show no major difficulties. Where the track passes a marsh, is the marsh converted, by 2000 pair of feets passing each year, into a wide darkbrown mud street. Not nice at all. Here and there is the track close to the river, especially when reaching Rapaselet. Here it is extremely easy to walk, but it requires a rather low water level in the river. The water is in a great hurry, I wouldn't recommend any to try to ford it. As mentioned above is it possible to reach Rapaselet by walking up to Skierfe from Aktse and then continue west, and head for the east part of Rapaselet. In good weather must  the views be nice. In the valley do one mostly walk in a birch forest, and the views are rather limited. The lodging for the night is found on the slope towards Snavvavagge. Here are many good places for a tent, dry and  with a magnificient view of Rapaselet.


In Rapadalen