A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 29 August, Skarja - Ruotesvagge, 17 km

A clear sky, it will be a beautiful day. Rapadalen is more than hundred meters lower than Ruotesvagge. Where they meet have the brook Smailajåkkå cut itself into the rock. This is where the bridge is. The jåkk has its origin from the glacier Årjep Ruotesjekna, and grow as the water from the mountains add to it. Especially Mikkajåkkå, north of the bridge, provide much water from the glacier Mikkajekna on the north side. Mikkajåkkå on the north side is difficult to cross. The water is grey, cold, swift, and brings large stones that can break a leg. One possibility is to cross on the glacier further up. We use the bridge to cross Smailajåkkå, and enter Ruotesvagge on the south side. We follow the south side, in the middle of the valley is it easy to switch to north side.

Ruotesvagge is a friendly, open, and easy to walk in. The north side is the most alpine, a continous wall with the mountains of Sarektjåkkå. On the south side is the more gentle Ruotes. In the middle is the small hill Ruotesvaratj (1004) with a 360 degree view. From here on is Akka seen. Before the hill do one have to pass all the rills from Årjep Ruotesjekna. They glitter in the sunshine. Pass between the lake Ruotesjauratj and the hill, and continue along Niakjåkåtj. There are no problems in finding a good place for the night. In the evening is the sky still clear. The temperature is falling, it is getting chilly. The nights starts to get dark, the stars twinkle.