A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 31 August, Padjelantaleden - Ritsem, 10 km

An easy day through a birch forest, here and there a marsh. Across the marshes are wooden planks 'spångad' laid out, as well as over the brooks. Over a wide area is the forest dead, due to a caterpillar some years ago. The forest is mostly sparse.We can hear the sound of Vuojatätno. A river that is impossible to ford, that is the impression one get. I would not try it. When approaching the bridge do one have a view of Akkajaure, nowadays part of a water power plant. Since it is regulated are the shores dead. The rapids of Vuojatätno are impressive, luckily is there a bridge. After the bridge is the track rather stony to start with. Before and after the Akka hut is it better. The hut is for some reason locked. We reach Änonjalme just before the boat to Ritsem leaves. Änonjalme is the summer residence of the lapps.

We meet the warden of the Akka hut on the boat, he say we are lucky. This is the last boat for the season. We didn't know. That's why the Akka hut was locked. It is as well the last night that Ritsem youth hostel is open. They have already started to clean everything before closing. There are not many guests, i.e. we get a room without problems. All's well that ends well. Close to the hostel is a place that serve food. The guests in the restaurant are we and the army. They have been on an exercise in the mountains. The food is good, and we eat while looking at the  nice view outside the windows. The next time we were in Ritsem was the place  closed, and the next time after that the building was gone. There is a self-service kitchen in the hostel, and a shop where one can buy the essential things. The bus leaves early in the morning, we go to bed early. A long travel back home is waiting.

Padjelanta trail