A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 27 August, Snavvavagge - Snavvavagge, 0 km

I wake up with high fever. Headache. A sore throat. This is day devoted to rest and antipyretic. Fortunately is it nice weather, I can sit outside the tent and enjoy the view and sunshine. The tent is placed in a small open area in the mountain birch forest, with the brook Jilajåkkå as the nearest neighbour. From where I sit is an unobstructed view of Rapaselet. Rapaselet is a mixture of channels and ponds. I can see a few elks graze down there. The elks in the Rapavalley are bigger than normal elks, they have plenty of food and no human hunt them as long as they stay in Sarek. An almost cloudless sky make it possible to see the mountains on the opposite side. To  the right  is the small plateau at Tielma, the slope up to it is steep and with vegetation that is difficult to get through. This is one of the most likely places to see the wild animals, though one must have good luck Beyond are the peaks of Ålkatj. In front of me is Sarvesvagge, the valley that ends at the border of Padjelanta. My view end at the mountain Nåite (1620), behind it is the plateau Luottolako. I can barely see Ryggåsberget (1946) further away. To the left is Piellarieppe (1830).  Looking behind me is the precipice of Stuor-Skårki (1719).

It rains a lot in Sarek, one of  the places in Sweden with most rain. Though Sarek is not large, is much water collected in the river in Rapadalen, Rapaätno. In the afternoon do clouds appear in Sarvesvagge, the showers succeed each other. When they leave Sarvesvagge and enter Rapavalley do they follow the mountainside of Piellarieppe and then dissolve. The rain never reach us, we have sunshine and can enjoy the raibows. It can be a lousy weather in one valley, at the same time sunshine in another. My friends make small excursions, while I try to reinstall my health. They inestigate how easy it would be to walk down in the vallley beneatch Låddepakte. The forest is not easy to penetrate. Closeby is a scientific station, if my condtion do not improve before tomorrow morning, may it be possible to get transportation in the helicopter that will fetch the personell tomorrow. Normally is it not allwoed to land in the national parc, they have special permit.Evening. High fever. Headache. A sore throat.