A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 21 August, Suorva - Jiertajavrre, 2 km

It is over midnight and I can not sleep. Something is missing. I look for the cat, who normally is sleeping at my knees at this time. But tonight she is out hunting. There is only one thing to do, I open the door and call for her. Soon she appears from nowhere in the darkness, and wonder what I want that is so important, that she has to interrupt the hunting. I tell her about my problem, and she suggest herself to come in, despite that it is a very good night for hunting. When I wake up at four has she left. I hate these early mornings. I put the luggage in my car, and drive the thirty kilometers to Sturup airport. I leave the car at the long time parking place. My friend is waiting at the gate, where the plane for Stockholm leave at six fifteen. In Stockholm do we change to the plane to Lapland airport, where we land at eleven. The airport is six kilometers outside Gällivare, and since there are no busses do one either have to walk or take a taxi. We call for a taxi. By misunderstanding do we manage to get two taxis. In Gällivare do leave our luggage at the taxi office close to the railway station, and walk around in the village.

Since one may not bring fuel for the kitchen on the airplanes, is the first task to find a place where one can buy it. We find it at the paint dealer in the corner of Lasarettsgatan and Storgatan. On Storgatan is a chinese restaurant, where we have lunch. We walk slowly back to the railway station, where we wait for the bus, which leave from a bus stop in front of the railway station. While we wait, do a few workers appear a few minutes before the bus is to come three thirty, and they remove the bus stop! After som investigation do we find out that busses now leave from a new place hundred meters west of the railway station. We put our things together and walk there, and manage to be there in time. At quarter to six do we walk off the bus at Suorva, welcomed by a drizzle. At Suorva is a hydro power station, and one follow the road on the dam to the other side. This was once a great place, the need for power changed that. On the way do we pass a newly built wind power station. The local same people want to build more. Why not, things can not be more disturbing than it is. We reach the other side, pass the the reindeer fences in the birch forest, and follow the gravel road as far as possible along the lake, saerching for a suitable tenting site. It is getting late. Where the brooks, from the hills above us,  show up in the birch forest do we find a suitable place. A few mosquitos make us company during our evening meal, while the darkness settle.

Gällivare museum


Wind power station