A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 29 August, Padjelanta trail (Tsågahavrre) - Padjelanta trail (Brook from Ahkka), 16 km

Wake up! Wake up! Are you awake? What time is it? Midnight. What is it? It is already tomorrow that our plane leave Gällivare! No, no, it is the day after tomorrow, you must have had a dream. Let us look at the ticket in the daylight. The raindrops keep falling on our tent, which it is also do when we later wake up in daylight. The tickets say that our plane leave the day after tomorrow. We have plenty of time, and can relax and wait for the rain to give up. Which it does at ten thirty, and we walk away from our hill, through the small stripe of birches and osier to the trail. Here on notice even more that the automn is approaching, the ground is changing into all sorts of colours. Ahkka has put on an apron of clouds. At the hill (564), after a kilometer of walking, do we leave Tsågahavrre behind us, and instead do the view change to Vuojatädno, and its entrance into the lake Guvtjavrre. One more kilometer and we pass the summer same village at Guvtjavrre, nicely placed at the lake with Gasskatjåhkkå (1130) on the other side. Here one can get lodging and boat transport over the lake. After that do one walk up on a birch covered ridge, with a steep slope down to a brook. After the ridge is the trail continuing on an open plateau to the Kisuris cabin. At the entrance to the cabin is a tent hanging, it seems to have had some repairs. There is nobody around, and we continue. We are now in a sparse birch forest, Gisuris is showing its dark west side towards us. After a kilometer do one reach the bridge over Sjpietjavjåhkå, down to the river is a short steep slope. Between Sjpietjavjåhkå and Sjnjuvtjudisjåhkå is the three national park corner of  Sarek, Padjelanta, and Stora Sjöfallet. Three large signs, one for each park, give information about the parks. Halfway on the bridge over Sjnjuvtjudisjåhkå do some sullen men enter the bridge from the other side. Rather irritating, since it is a narrow bridge, but we manage to meet.

Our lunch is enjoyed among the birches at the shore of the river. When we have had satisfied our hunger, do we walk up the steep slope and reach a terrace with a far reaching view towards north. Ahkkajavrre and Vuojatädno are visible, before we enter into a parklike sparce birch forest. The track goes up and down, interrupted by a few automn coloured marshes which are crossed on planks. Many years agao (1970s) were many trees killed by an insect, the white and black dead trunks are standing as gravestones as a memory. At a break are we passed by two young men at high speed. We feel old. When they take a break, do we pass them and increase our speed to keep them behind. We feel young. We vaguely remember that at the bridge over the brook from Sjnjuvtjudis is a tenting site with a fireplace. Should be a good place to spend the night. But when we arrive there is it already occupied by a large dog and its humans. We greet with the compulsary Hej Hej. At the next small bridge, over the brook from the glacier of Ahkka, are we out of the forest and we find a tenting site, of course with traces of other visitors.The western peaks of Ahkka (1734) and the nameless glacier keeps an eye on us. The valley between Ahkka and the hill Sjnjuvtjudis (979) give birth to low flying  clouds that dissolve before reaching us. The sound of Vuojatädno can be heared, showing its presence without beeing seen. For the first time do I (to my knowledge) litter in the mountains, I drop my tooth brush in the brook. It rapidly sail away and disappear. I'm punished by an army of biting flies that attack me. I clean my teeths with what remains of the Remy Martin. I'm tired after the competition with the young men. I feel old. You shall not compete.



Three park corner

On the terrace