A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day11: 31 August, Ritsem - Home, - km

Previous years was one always forced to be in a hurry in order to be in time for the bus, it left early if my memory is correct. This year does it leave 9.45, oceans of time. The breakfast consist of the food remnants from the hike, mixed with what we yesterday bought in the shop at the reception. In the kitchen is a half full fuel bottle, we prepare for the flight by emptying out our fuel into it. Somebody might get usage for it. We clean the room, say goodbye to the siberian huskies and their humans (who has slept in their tent), and wait for the bus. The three hours it take for the bus to reach Gällivare feel very long. The bus stop at every place, the landing stage, Vakkotavare, Suorva, Stora Sjöfallet, Kebnats, even at the road crossing to Gällivare and Jokkmokk. Leaving off and picking up people, the bus is rather full. The first thing to do in Gällivare is to book a taxi to the airport. Then food, once again do we honour the Chinese restaurant, a nice lunch with a conversation with our neighbours at the next table. The coffee do we take at the nearby Åhults cafeteria, studying the beautiful female ambulance driver and nurse that have a quick lunch in front of us. There is still some time left to spend, this we do at the museum in the former central school. It has of course an old classroom. There is also an art exhibtion, which will open tomorrow, but we ask friendly if we may enter since we are not here tomorrow. I like many of the paintings of the local artists, e.g. Lars Pirak. I have one of him at home. Time to walk to the taxi station.

The flight to Stockholm is as flights are, boring. The landing is the most interesting part of a flight, since it requires more of the pilot. We have one hour at Arlanda airport, boring as all airports are. The flight to Stockholm is as flights are, boring. It is dark when we pass over Skåne on the way to Sturup airport. The lights from houses and streets form interesting patterns down there. We land at Sturup in time. Now there is a problem, where did I park the car? I have completely forgotten it. I walk around at the parking place for ten minutes before finding it. Stupid of me. I drive home, carefully keeping the speed limit, one never know when an animal will cross the road at this time of the day. Others do not care, and pass me at high speed. My cat is luckily afraid of cars, but she is not at home when I open the door, which makes me a bit worried. But why should I worry? I wait for her to come in, but no cat. I call for her, but no cat appear from the darkness. Finally do I go to bed, but I can not sleep. I lie there listening for the sound from the cat door. The minutes pass by, slowly. Then suddenly, bang, the cat door slam. In comes the cat. So you are back, welcome, she say before going out in the kitchen to eat. Then she jump up in my bed, curl up at my knees, purr for a while, and fall asleep. The same do I.

The cat