A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 24 August, Lulep Gassavarasj - Ruohtesvagge (Nijak), 16 km

We wake up to one of those rare days when the sun shine from a clear sky, and there is no sign of clouds around the peaks of Sarektjåhkkå and Ahkka. A morning to sit down, be lazy, and enjoy it all for a short moment. At the end we are ready to start the day, and we do that by following our brook to its origin in a marsh. This we walk straight across, to a more dryer part. We follow the slope of Gassavarasj, until we see the reinder farmer cabin. In the south is a huge plain, probably a large delta of the brook Suottasjågåsj when the snow melts in spring time. Now it is flat, dry and comfortable to walk on. We cross it, and walk up the grassy slope on the other side towards the glacier Suottasjjiegna, with the aim to gain some height. We have not yet decided if we are lazy or not. If we are not lazy, then we will walk the small valley before Nijak (1922), else we walk around the mountan. It turns out that Suottasjågåsj is an obstacle. It is fierce, and do not invite to be forded. We decide to be lazy and walk down along the brook to the plain again, where the brook spread into several arms. Here it is much more friendly, and is easily forded. The steep Nijak is watching us, as we head for the saddle point on the small hill Suottasjvaratja. From here is the view of Gassalahko, with its many small lakes, far reaching. A good place to have lunch at.

We get even more lazy in the sunshine, and decide to walk around Nijak, and not in the small valley before it. We are so lazy that we take a nap, and after that a photo excursion. Time is passing, and we have to continue. Despite the late time in the summer, the automn is arriving, do we see many flowers while we walk on the meadows: Alpine bistort, buttercops, and "fjällfibbla" are common. At the brook from the small glacier grow Alpine cat's tail. The white bearded Scheuchzer's Cottongrass cover the ground as it was a snow drift. All over the slope beneath Nijak are traces of lemmings. Small roads in the grass run here and there, crossing each other in a random pattern. The roads are heavily used, we almost step on the small cute creatures when they run in front of our feets. They shout angrily at us, keep out of our way! Excuse us we shout back, but then they have already dissappeared in a hole in the ground. We rise our heads in time to see Gisuris show up as the dominating mountain in front of us, towards northwest is the lowland of Sjnjuftjudis. On meadows do we pass Nijak and enter Rouhtesvagge. Gentle small ridges, with small brooks as veins in between, stretch further down in the valley. The west side appear behind the hills, with the arms of peaks put one after the other. The sun is travelling close to the horizon at the other end of Sierggavagge, creating long shadows. We make halt for the night on a flat and grassy place at a large stone, above two small lakes. It is now almost eight, and the sun disappear behind Gisuris. The slope of Låutak is painted red by the setting sun.Three gulls make noise at the lake. The cold creep into the valley. In the north is Ahkka guarding us, we can safely close the tent. At the canvas do an Alpine cat's tail drop off, the same do we.