A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 23 August, Vuosskeljavrre - Lulep Gassavarasj, 15 km

A comfortable tenting site has given a night with good sleep. Looking out from the tent shows that the sun show up now and then between the clouds. Most of the clouds are in the direction of Ahkka in the west, which is also our direction today. At nine thirty do we cross the small brook and walk along the southern shore of the lake. We have a cold wind against us. It is rather stony, here and there are stripes of boulder stones, stretching from far up on the slope above us and down to the lake. We have gained height, since our aim is to enter the small valley before the peaks Alep Skalariehppe (1245) and Tjårok (1215). It looks easier to walk along the lake, but things look smaller at distance and this may fool the eye. The stripes with large stones become more abundant, as we approach the small valley. We do not complain too much, it is anyway rather easy to walk on the stones. It could be slippery if they are wet. When we say this do a shower appear without any notice. Fortunately do it pass at high speed, and is too short in time for us to put on the rain suit. The stones are almost dry when the shower has passed. From where we stand do we have a good view of the lakes Atjek down in Vuosskelvagge. Most of the ground is covered with stones, mostly standalone so one can easily walk around them. Not far from the brook that come down from the mountains in the east, is a tent placed on a green spot. A person is standing outside, we wave at each other. The brook itself run in a bed of stones, and join further down the brook from the small lake 1074. South of the lake is it grassy but wet. We cross the wet area before we have our lunch.

Strengthened by the lunch do we struggle up the slope to the saddle point between Tjårok and Tjievratjåhkkå (1423), and the small plateau that follow. Here one walk on a heath, with the view towards the eastern part of Gassalahko and with the lake 1040, seen in the hole between Tjårok and Tjievravarasj (1245). In the far distance is Ahkkajavrre barely visible. The last part up to the point between Tjievravarasj and 1274, do one climb on large stones, placed as a staircase. At the highest point are two small ponds. We can also see to the other side of Guhkesvagge where the glacier Suottasjiegna shine white. On the other side of the ponds pass the persons in the tent we saw earlier. We take a break to study the view. Gassalahko and Ahkka build up the view in the northwest. The slope down to Oarjep Tjevrajavrre offer no obstacles, mainly nice meadows. There are a few stony places, as well as areas covered with dwarf birch. We reach the lake, where we pass a marsh, before reaching the stony shores of the brook that leave the lake. We ford it where it is broadest at the flowing out. The bottom is stony, which makes it slippery. We pass without accidents, continue through a marsh, and pass a small lake. On the south slope of Lulep Gassavarasj are a few stripes of stones, we follow one of them down to a brook, which is deep and broad.  As we follow it westward, does it become shallower and thinner. Almost at the origin of the brook, do we find our tenting site. We take the standard bath, and afterwards we can sit in the sunshine, having the dinner with the mountains of Sarektjåhkkå with cloudless peaks, and white glaciers in front of us.

The Átjeklakes

The mountain pass

The small lake 1074

Looking back

Oarjep Tjevrajavrre and Ahkka