A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 30 August, Padjelanta trail (Brook from Ahkka) - Änonjalme, 6 km

Since last year do I have one of those new materials to sleep on, thermarest, i.e. the one that one blow up with air. Normally does it give a very good sleep, but not tonight. To much air in it made it too hard? I'm tired already when we walk back to the trail. We are not far from the river Vuojatädno, not yet visible, but the sound of it become louder and louder as we approach, and finally does it show up in front of our eyes. The river is as alwys impressive, we stand on the plateau looking down at it. It dominates the view from the south to the north where it throw out the water into Ahkkajavrre. The bridge is seen as a thin string stretched over the river. Down to the river is the track going through a birch forest, the last part is rather steep. As usual is it fascinating to watch the water beneath the bridge when walking on it. On the other side is a minor stream which one pass over on a wooden bridge. I do always try get a portrait of myself during a hiking tour, this is the choosen place this year, with the bridge and Ahkka as the background. The track continue uphill through the birch forest towards the Akka cabins. It is very stony and muddy. Further up is a marsh, normally without much water, where we use to take a break sitting on the rocks. This year are the rocks covered by the water.

At the two Akka cabins is a lone man walking from one cabin to the other, without saying Hej. Around the cabins have trees been cut down, and one have a free view of the lake Ahkkajavrre. It is from now on downhill to Änonjalme, and the track is in a better shape. At lunch do we arrive at the cafeteria in Änonjalme, a small wooden house, with a view towards where the boat to/from Ritsem arrive/leave.  The hostess serve smoked char, with the special bread "glödkaka", and coffee with a cake. We pay 110 SEK for this. I buy small bags of reindeer leather as presents. We are told that the track to Vuojatädno will be "spångad", i.e. planks will be laid out at the stony and muddy places. More hikers arrive to the cafeteria, e.g. an austrian couple with three siberian huskies. The had planned to walk the Padjelanta trail, but since dogs are not allowed in the park did they have to return back at the Kisuris cabin. They will try further north instead. We walk down the landing-stage when boat appear on the lake. It takes us on an eighty minute sightseeing on the calm lake, passing Vaisaluokta on the way. There is more water in the regulated lake than we are used to. In Ritsem do we take the uphill shortcut through the forest, instead of the road, to the youth hostel. The reception has moved since our last visit, it is now in a separate house. We have to wait for a short time before the reception open. The youth hostel seems to be operated by the local people, and he is not yet used to the procedure. We get our room, a shower and a shave. Back to normal.




Stony track