A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 8 August, Vaisaluokta - Gålobuollda, 14 km

I wake up several times during the and and notice that it is dusk all night, for the last time at seven. We are on vacation so we wait for another hour before starting the day. While we pack our things do the people who came with the morning boat to Vaisaluokta start to pass by. Some say hello, some look in another direction pretending they are alone in the mountains. Instead do they bring the mobile phone, dial somebody, say hello I'm here, how are you? We escape on a random track, as long as the direction is uphill to Vuossjevagge. The track is first through a birch forest, and becomes more and more invisible, finally only imagination can see it. But then we have reached the tree line, it does not matter. My heart beat, I'm not in the best shape, so we take a few breaks. Suddenly do we see a well used track coming from somewhere down the slope. We join it until it disappear as well as do the last few birches that manage to survive this far up. We are sweating, when passing through the birch forest were we covered by an orange powder, which dissolve by the sweat. We look sick. The orange powder is probably birch rost.

We reach the brook Sjvaltjajåhkå,which has created a small gorge. Strangely enough is there a thin snow bridge, it seems to be near to collapse at any moment. But why should one use it? There is almost no water in the brook. To the lake, which is the mother of the brook, do we walk on flowering meadows. On the slope down to the shore of the lake do have lunch and a nap in the sunshine. On the mountain Skajdetjåhkkå, on the other side of the lake, are still a few snow fields. We continue to the right of the lake, and up the slope north of the hill 1085 towards Vuossjevagge. In the mountain pass are there some stony areas, but nothing serious. It looks like newly fallen snow at the lake in the valley, but it is Scheuchzer's Cottongrass. the grow at the shore, it gives an almost mirror image of the snow fields on Stuora Jålle. The lake is somewhat undefined, and seems to be split in two pieces. We cross the lake where it is split. In the southwest is the lake Irkkajavrre, towards the lake are strings of water. Mountains are barely seen far away at the horizon. Ahead of us is the hill Vuossjevarasj, we intend to walk between it and Stuora Jålle. On the slope of Vuossjevarasj is a large snow fields. On it is a herd of reindeers, they are forming different types of formations, changing shape continously. When we approach, still at some distcance, do I rise the camera. Of course do they at once leave the snow field. The picture of the year is untaken.

We continue on a moor, that is easy to walk on, up to the mountain pass at 1050 meters. In the pass is a small lake, at the shore grow Cottongrass. It it very beautiful, the water, Cottongrass, and in the west is the mountain Ravdoajvve the background. The reindeers are crossing the pass, a magnificiant silhouette. The ground become more stony, after the pass is it as walking on a flat stone floor. Ahead of us is an open flat landscape, limited by the mountains 10 km away. We find a tiny brook, and start to look for a campsite. So far is too stony and not enough water, we long for a refreshing bath. It is very warm day. The ground becomes less stony, but we have to walk until our brook meet the brook from Unna Jålle. Where they meet is a nice grassy place, and enough water. The bare rocks at the brooks tell that much more water can be transported. Nearby a large stone is the water deep enough to take a sitting bath. I sit down and let the water cool down my body. The sunset make as company during our dinner, and spread a soft light.  In northwest do Ravdoajvve look down at us. I rise my bottle with fresh water and drink our health.

From the slope


Tiny brook