A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 14 August, Gällivare - Hem, - km

The breakfast is excellent, and served in a large room. Since I am curious about the old decaying house do I ask the host about its history. I get a long interesting description of it. It was the englishmen, who also built the railway to Gällivare,. that built the house at the end of the 19th century. On the first floor was it an hospital, the ground floor had an ilicit liquor shop. Then it became an magnificient hotel, the author Selma Lagerlöf is said to have written parts of Nils Holgersson here. Then a childrens home, the host points towards one of the windows: that was the room where the children was flogged. After some other activities has since the 1970s the house been decaying. The host say that he is trying get finances to buy and restore it. Good luck. We take a taxi to the airport.

The plane from Arlanda arrive a few minutes late. We have to wait for late passengers, "how late will we be" do a gentleman ask the hostess. We should be in time, 15.05,  at Arlanda since we have following wind, she answer, "I don't believe that" he mutter. We land 15.07, "we are late" the man shout loudly! We leave the plane and find our way to the plane to Malmö. I get stopped at the security check. "You have a weapon in your luggage", the guard claims. Oh, the corkscrew for the cat sitters! A present to the cat sitter, I explain. "Either you check it in, send it by mail, or throw it away"! No time, perhaps I should try the weapon? Or give it as a present to the female guard? Neither of it seems to be appreciated, throw it away I say. The plane for Malmö arrived late to Arlanda, so we are rather late already when we are ready for take off. Then it suddenly becomes very hot in the cabin. "We are sorry but there is something wrong with the air conditioning" say a voice in the loudspeakers, "we have to return to the gate, we need to do some paper exercise". Strange, air condition system made of paper? After a moment is the paper work done, the temperature is normal, as is the flight to Malmö.

Since I this year wrote down where I parked the car do I quickly find it. The traffic is heavy, and I do for a moment consider to take small roads back home. But I want to come home quickly and follow the main stream. The problem is what the give to the cat sitters. The cat is happy to see me, she take a walk around my legs och disappear to inspect her territory. I fetch a small bag made of reindeer skin, and walk to my neighbours. Two wonderful kittens look curiously at me. I wonder what my cat will say about such neighbours. I deliver my present. When my cat come back home is there a bowl full of shrimps waiting for her. 

When I unpack my things do I notice that I forgot my spoon in Vaisaluokta. I donate it. For next year do I need a new rucksack and a new spoon.

The old house

Åhults Café

The cat