A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 12 August, Rautojaure - Vaisaluokta, 13 km

I wake up in the middle of the night, I need to visit the outdoor toilet. To my surprise is the interior in much better shape than the exterior. I do what I need. It is a warm night, and I stay for a while enjoying the peaceful and silent nature, before I return to the bed. Next time I wake up is it seven and time to start the day. We have breakfast in the shelter, tidy it up such that it is much more well tidied then when we arrived. Once again, it is a warm sunny day. Rosebay Willowherb shine red in the morning sun. We leave on the track that lead us into the birchforest. At a bog do we get a view into the valley Oajevagge. We are sweating a lot, and at the lake Ravdojavrre is it already time to fill the water bottles. We sit down at the lake, drink water, and look over the lake with the low mountain Oajetjåhkkå on the other side. After the lake do one walk on bog, on wooden planks are laid out on it to walk on, to the bridge over Ravdojåhkå. Ravdojåhkå is a rather broad but gentle brook. Also over the next brook is a bridge, though my map says that there should not be any.

We walk up a slight uphill slope through the forest, and reach a bog with a small puddle at the end. In the east can we see Ahkka before we again enter the forest. Once again is it obvious that the track is not used very much, at a few places is it almost invisible. The sun shine from a clear sky, and we look for a place with shadow when we take breaks. It is downhill to the bridges over two brooks nearby Ahkkajavrre. The water flow in some sort of small canyons. We meet two wanderers, they disappear with high speed. I envy their youthful speed. But perhaps they have no time to enjoy the beuatiful forest. A bird, unknown to me, is sitting on a branch carefully studying us. It starts to hunt a butterfly, that escape in the last moment. The last part to the Vaisaluokta cabin continue in the forest, and is nearby the lake which now and then is seen between the trees. A few bogs are crossed, and at half past three are we at the cabin.

The cabin host is a talkative and pleasant man, that proudly show us the shower that is in the nearby brook. What luxury! I turn on the cold water, there is no warm water, and let the water cool down my warm body. It is very refreshing. My friend complain that there is nothing to sit and put clothes on. Next time we pass by the shower is there a stump. Well done. During the dinner can we not avoid listening to a conversation between the host and other guests. The host tries to convince them not to walk to Hellemobotn, they have no money, no food,  and not very good equipment. They will think about it. From the cabin do one have a view of Ahkkajavrre and the mountain Ahkka. During the evening do clouds pile up above Ahkka, the colour shift towards red as the sun set.



In the forest

Vaisaluokta cabin