A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 10 August, Biernnaaskåhppe - Suollagajåhkå, 20 km

We have three more days, and we want to walk to Hellemobotn and then back to Vaisaluokta. We decide to walk to Nordkalottleden, set our tent and then make an excursion for the day to Hellemobotn. Tomorrow do we walk towards Vaisaluokta on Nordalottleden. We do not want to be in a hurry, the schedule seems good. The slope down to the trail has many small grooves. After a while does It become more flat and we reach a moor with dwarf birches. Something is humming. It is not mosquitos, but ... WASPS! My friend has stirred them, and they think I'm the guilty. I feel a sudden pain in my right calf. Looking down do I see wasp looking angrily at me. I whisk away the wasp and escape. We stop at a brook where I cool down the wasp sting. I hope have not become allergic, and continue. A four meter vertical slope block our way. It stretch far up the mountain side and down to the jåhk. Here we can not climb down, but nearby the jåhk does it seem as if the rock has crashed down, and it is indeed possible to climb down. The remaining part to the bridge over Suollagajåhkå is easy. We rise the tent, pack the daytour rucksacks and we start the walk to Hellemobotn.

The trail pass through moors, pass a few lakes and dry marshes. A half a meter wide brook is a meter deep, one has to jump over it. The landscape change character, to be more flat rocks. At the border to Norway, a sign show where it is, is again there a moor between two lakes. The mountains behind Hellemobotn is visible at the horizon. The mountains around us have no vegetation. Steep rocks forces the trail to pass a narrow part of a lake, it is not deep, and stones are there to walk on. We come to a rocky landscape, which can be slippery and difficult to navigate in bad weather. The orange colour or the T that are painted on stones to mark the trail, are not always easy to see. It is a magnificient scenery, the bare mountain Coruk is enormous. The descend to Hellemobotn start, the gorge with several hundred neters vertical walls are scaring. The trail keeps away from it. It is hot, and we start to get thirsty. We reach the birch forest, in which there is a brook and  we can drink and eat blueberries. Where the forest end do we stop, it is two in the afternoon and time for lunch. We have marvellous view of Hellemobotn. Birches and pines makes the piece of art complete. In the book 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' was Norway constructed by Slartibartfast. He was very proud of it, and got a price. This I understand.

When we are happy with what we have seen do we return. Now it is uphill. One see the landscape from a different view when walking in the other direction. Steep slopes seems to fall down on you. We leave the track and climb up on a small rock to get a view of the canyon. One should not slip, nothing will stop the fall before one reach the bottom. When the dizziness become to strong for me, do we return to the track. We let a stone down into a narrow crack in the rock. It takes a long time before we hear it reach the bottom. The rock we are standing on will some time in the future slide down into the canyon. An upside down staircase rise several hundred meter up. I refuse my friends suggestion to walk up on it, so he can get a picture of it. We pass the flat rocks, the lakes, and we are back in Sweden. When we are almost at our tent do we meet a single man. Dressed only in boots, rucksack, and minimal underwear. It is hot, and the evening in the jåhk is refreshing. Today is our restaurant on a rock, with the sound of streaming water as background music, and the sunset is our dessert.