A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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The best program about nature that I know of is "naturmorgon" in the swedish radio. September 29th did they tell that the lemming population collapsed January 11 when it rained a lot and then the temperature fell to -20 degrees centigrade. The poor creatures froze or starved to death. Therefore is my photo of the lemming from the lemming rich year 2001. To take a picture of a carcass is not interesting. The summer 2002 was in the middle part of Norrland the warmest since the measurements started in 1860. In the northern part was it the warmest hike since I started to hike in 1981. If it is not more than normal, then it less than normal. The conclusion is that the normal condition is rare.

The new cat neighbours have had an exciting automn. The have disappeared several times, but nice people have always brought them back home. They and my cat has tried to come to some sort of agreement, but one can not say that they are friends. Right now do they throw word of abuse to each other through the cat flap.

Now we have the long grey winter of Skåne in front of us. When the spring show up again do I take the map and a looking glass (for some reason do the maps become more and more indistinct for each year) and think on a new hike.