A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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I look at my rucksack. Several weeks ago did I check it carefully without finding any problems. Now I have packed it and it broke. The preparations could have been better. Firts I got sciatica, then I got sick for two weeks. One advantage of being sick was that sciatica disappeared. A few days ago a tooth fell apart. To find a dentist who is not on vacation was not easy, but tomorrow will I get a new tooth for 3500 SEK. I.e. there is no money to buy a new rucksack. Can it be repaired? I take it and bike to the shoemaker. He look at it and say: No! Unhappy do I leave him. Outside his shop is, or was, a nice house from the eighteenth century. Somebody put it on fire a few days ago, it looks depressing. Back home do I call a friend and ask if I can borrow her rucksack. Of course, I can get it tomorrow when she come to town.

The next morning is it written in the newspaper there was a dentist workshop in the building that was destroyed by the fire. I get nervous, what about my tooth? Will I have to leave without it, it feels no good to walk around with such a big hole in the mouth for a week. I bike to the dentist. The first thing I am told is that the workshop was indeed in that building, but my tooth had been rescued. He plug it in, and I pay him the 3500 SEK. Next step is to get the rucksuck. It is smaller then I remember, but it will be a short tour so it will probably be enough.I go home and after some effort and time do I manage to get everything into it. Now it is time to sleep, the alarm clock is set to five, the cat is my sleeping pill. I catch her when is she going out through her door, and beg her to sleep in the bed. She curl up at my knees and purr, I fall asleep.

The fire