A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 13 August, Vaisaluokta - Gällivare, - km

There are two alternatives, one is to take a morning walk up to Boalnotjåhkkå and look at the view of Ahkka, the other is to take the morning boat to Ritsem and then the bus to Gällivare. We must in any case stay over night in Gällivare such that we can fly home tomorrow. The weather decide. Surprised do we look at the cloudy sky, a chilly wind come from the lake. It may start to rain at any moment. We miss the sun. Also laziness help us to decide to take the morning boat. The lake is rough, and the boat must be it's own breakwater before it can land. Passengers are exchanged and the boat head for Ritsem with us and the guests from yesterday onboard. They must have followed the advice of the host not to walk to Hellemobotn. The girl that collect money for the tickets is friendly, and since they lack money can they pay afterwards. The boat roll, some rough waves throw water over the boat. Fortunetely have I put the rain protection on my rucksack. When we come inside the breakwater at Ritsem does the water calm down and we can safely leave the boat.

It has happened several times that one see the mountains for the first time when one leave, this year is it the opposite. Feels strange. As the bus pass the known stops do the bus get more and more passengers. When we leave Kebnats is it almost full. In Gällivare do walk to the Other Side (Andra Sidan). It is probably called this since it is on the other side of Vassara älv. This is also where the youth hostel is. The youth hostel is a number of red baracks. In the middle is large old house, which has beeen decaying for a long time. The reception is closed and open at five, so we leave our luggage there and return into Gällivare to have lunch at the China restaurant. Despite the drizzle do we eat outside, inside is it a sauna. Then it is time to buy a present to the cat sitters. In a present shop do I find a corkscrew with a handle of reindeer bone. I pay and put it into my travel rucksack. Now the next tradition: coffee/tee and cake at Åhult cafeteria, one must keep traditions and they have large and good cakes. When we have finished has the reception at the youth hostel opened so we return and get our prebooked room. We do also order breakfast for the next morning. Before the evening dinner do we rest for a few hours, before walking into centre of Gällivare again. The first place we look into is the pub opposite the railway station, but it smells too much of smokers.  So we try the indian restaurant, neighbour to the chinese one. After such a lot of food do one get tired. Back to the youth hostel for a good sleep.


Gällivare youth hostel